Strategic Planning

In his various roles as a Strategic planner, Brendan has helped businesses excel in their given market.

His experience in this field have given him the skills required to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that a given businesses as well as any threats to their business.

With the skill set required Brendan has helped businesses gain the competitive edge against the competitors through developing efficient methodologies and clearly defined objectives through situational analysis.

Business Mentoring

In his capacity as a Business Mentor, Brendan has helped guide both established and start-up business in the marketplace. His mentoring of such wide and varied businesses has given him a unique insight into the operational difficulties that many businesses experience. Armed with this knowledge Brendan is in a position to offer advice that is second to none to his customers.

Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland is the Irish leading state economic development agency focused on helping Irish-owned business deliver new export sales. They have looked to Brendan Chambers on a number of occasions as an expert in Trade and Marketing. Brendan’s ability to bring excellence to all aspects of enterprise have led to him becoming a leading expert relied upon by Enterprise Ireland.