Consultancy Services

Brendan Chambers is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in Irish and International business start-ups. Brendans’s management experience, commercial and technical experience is extensive ranging over a 38 year career.

Brendan has been awarded 17 personal and company National and International Awards for Enterprise, product, packaging and company excellence. Founding and Managing a number of successful Irish and International manufacturing, Trading and Marketing companies marketing internationally to 31 Supermarket chains in 15 countries.

Brendan has extensive Trouble-Shouting Consulting experience in a range of commercial enterprises in Ireland and overseas markets in areas such as Furniture, Retail, Cut-flowers, Transport, Computers, Agriculture and National & International Distribution.

Brendan’s role as Regional Manager Europe, The Irish Dairy Board, resulted in an increase in sales from € 58 million to € 184 million over a four year period.

Brendan was previously appointed as Food Research and Marketing Development Manager, The Express Dairy Group, London, responsible for 22 large food manufacturing companies within the UK and Ireland.

Brendan has also been appointed by Irish Government Minister’s on a number of strategic committees.