Chamco Anti Bacterial Cleaning Product Range

Our unique cleaning solutions is 100% natural, with active ingredients derived from young oranges. Our eco friendly solution is 100% biodegradable and contains no Alcohol or Chlorine. The result is a tough cleanser, which is safe for Human Consumption and also the environment.


Chamco Anti Bacterial Wipes

Chamco Anti Bacterial Wipes are unique containing no alcohol or chlorine, harnessing the natural power of young oranges, these wipes are versatile, while killing 99.99% of bacteria and their spores dead.



Chamco Anti Bacterial Pen Spray

Our unique pen design is perfect for anyone from health conscious to health professionals. many Alcohol based cleaners can cause irritation to skin if used on a daily basis. Chamco's unique 100% alcohol free solution is powerful and non toxic.



Industrial Anti Bacterial Solutions

Our unique cleaning solution is versatile and is being successfully used in a variety of production and food preparation facilities. We are committed to working with existing systems and allowing for a cost effective solution for you business.




The Chamco Range of Products
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